Friday, 6 January 2017

What If It Was You? #12

What if it was you?
"Life has been so unfair to me," you always say to yourself. You have been going through hell, nothing seems to be working out well for you. Hope is the only thing that you have. But that hope is fast becoming hopeless. Because of what you are going through you always think about committing suicide. But you are scared to walk through that path to death. When you think about its impact on your loved ones it shatters your heart. One day you have made up your mind to take that path, you cannot deal with the hardships anymore. You have lost your hope. Then you went into the forest. You have the rope, you have your gun in case the rope do not work, you have some poisonous dose in case the trigger fails when you pull it, you have a sharp knife in case the poison does not work as quickly as you want it, you even have explosives in case everything fails. You are well equipped with all kinds of materials that people have used before in that kind of journey. There you are at your perfect spot in the forest. It took you 30 minutes to get there. It is quiet the way you want it, the tranquillity fits well into your purpose, it is noise free more than a graveyard. So you decide to start with a gun because you think that the rope may take much time. Time is what you do not have. Then as you are ready to pull the trigger to shatter your brain you hear a noise; the sound of a bell tingling. The noise makes you uncomfortable. You did not expect any distraction. So you paused and then followed the sound. You saw a hut, you went in, you were amazed by what you saw. The hut is full of money in different currencies, stacked up to the ceiling. On the wall is a note that says, "you have 10 minutes to take whatever you want." In your mind you are thinking of rushing out to your house to bring your big travelling bag. But you cannot make it back in 10 minutes. You have a small bag that you came to the forest with. You went out to get it, at least you can stuff in enough cash that can change your life for good. Now you have the bag, you are so excited to pack the money. But there is an obstacle. There is a big cobra on the door, it appeared from no where. Nothing can stand in your way, not even a lion. Your time is ticking fast. As you rush to get your gun the cobra attacked you. It was a big bite. You shouted loudly, and suddenly you woke up. Then you realized that it was a frantic dream. What if it was you?

Thursday, 5 January 2017

What If It Was You? #11

What if it was you?
Imagine you are a well-respected evangelist in your church. You are young and single, but you are still searching for your missing rib. Everybody in your church likes the way you evangelise. In fact, the biannual outreach program of your church is always a success because of you. The church has a new building. It needs a vibrant pastor, who can win souls for the Lord, to administer it. The church council decides to make you a pastor in that new church because you fit well into the description for the pastoral job. So the church council decides to send you on a pastoral training overseas for a couple of months. Upon your return you will become a pastor in the new church. All the arrangement has been made and you are leaving in few days. But there is this sister in your church that always appeals to you. Her smile always sends a frisson of excitement all over your body each time you speak to her. Her smile is like a charm on you. After the Sunday service the sister walks up to you for a chit-chat. She tells you that she is relocating abroad, as she has just got a permanent residence to a country. Coincidentally, she is relocating to the same country you will be attending your training, but she will be living in a different state. Her state is just a phone call away from the state you will be attending your training. Then the causerie suddenly became a full-blown conversation that moved from the church premises to a restaurant. You guys went for a Sunday lunch, and the conversation lasted for long. There was an instantaneous thought transference. You made an arrangement to touch base with her once you land. The next day she was gone for a new life, and few days later you were gone too for your pastoral training. And few days after you had settled in and started your training you touched base with her. Everything went like a fast-paced movie for her; she got a well-paid job, a well-furnished house and a nice car. It was a huge transformation in living standard for her. She often said that your prayers inspired her divine blessings. In a speed of light your pastoral training was over. You could not believe that it was already time for you to go back home. But there was a problem. You and the sister had eaten the forbidden fruit. The devil tempted you, but you could not resist the temptation, even though you tried to resist it. The wintry weather in that country somehow inspired the temptation to eat the carnal food. She had not seen her flower. So she went for a medical check-up. The medical test showed that she was pregnant. The variable to become a single mother was out of the equation. She was upfront about it; she wanted you to stay with her, get married and live forever. But how would you break the news to the church council that sent you on pastoral training? What if it was you?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What If It Was You? #10

What if it was you?
Imagine you were sent on a free holiday trip in one of the famous tourist countries. It was a five-day holiday trip, all expenses paid. You were lodged in a five star hotel. When you got into your room, what attracted you the most was the bed. Then you convinced yourself that there was no way you would sleep on that bed alone. And so your fun started. The fridge in your room was filled with all kinds of expensive items, for example champaign, vodka, beer, snacks, name them. You remembered your previous experience in another country where you thought that the things in the fridge in your room were part of the complimentary services, so you started to use them until you got the huge bills that nearly gave you a heart attack. You did not want to have that experience again. In your mind, you said that "it is better to take precaution than to become a victim of had I known later." So throughout your stay in the room you did not bothered to open the fridge again. Like a fast-paced movie, your five days holiday trip went. On your last day at the hotel you decided to checkout early before the normal checkout cut off time. You left your luggage at the concierge and went to the mall for last minute shopping. On your way back to pick up your luggage and head to the airport you met the cleaner who usually cleaned your room. You guys engaged in a chit-chat. The guy told you that each time he cleaned your room he would open your fridge and he would see that everything was intact. He asked you why you never bothered to eat or drink the stuffs in the fridge, and told you how the guy that lodged in the room before you had given him stuffs because he could not use them all. It was then that you found out that those items that you saw in the fridge were actually part of your complimentary services from the hotel. It was the hotel's way of saying thank you to its customers during the festive period. You quickly rushed to the concierge to ask if you could go back to the room that you forgot something. That was just your trick to go back and grab as much stuffs as you could, particularly the expensive drinks. But the room had been occupied by someone else. What if it was you?

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What If It Was You? #9

What if it was you?
Imagine you have been cheating on your partner. Her feminine instinct tells her that you are cheating, so she tells you that she knows you are having an affair, but you always deny it. Then one day she sets on a journey to discover whether you are truly cheating on her. She created a (fake) Facebook account. She uploads pictures, at least once, every week. Her pictures are stunningly beautiful. You like beautiful women; that's your weakness. You think you are too smart that you can always cover your tracks. One day you received a friend request from a girl, but before you accepted you had gone through her profile. The pictures you saw had wow effects on you. She started by liking your pictures and commenting on your posts. She always liked every picture you uploaded and her comments were often kind. That seemed like a green light to you. And so did the conversation start. In a couple of days the conversation went from Facebook messaging to phone text messaging. You had spoken with her on the phone once within the first two weeks you started chatting with her. She never picked when you called, but she always returned your calls in a jiffy. Returning your calls allowed her the opportunity to give the phone to her friend to speak. And the calls barely lasted long. You never noticed anything odd. Speaking on the phone was not her preferred mode of communication. And that was good for you as well. Within a month the conversation had progressed to sexting. The sexting was raunchy. Then it was time to meet up because you could not hold the appetite any longer. But she wanted the meet up to be her own way. And that would be a dinner at your place. Meanwhile you had told her before that you were planning on breaking up with your partner. That was just your way of having access to a woman's inner sanctum. So you reminded her that having a dinner at your place would be a messy idea, especially when you were still hatching the break up plans. You provided an alternative which was to have the dinner at her place. She agreed and a day was set. She gave you her address. That was her friend's house. You did not know. On that day you told your partner the same story, as usual, why you would be back home late. Then it was time for the dinner. You went to the house, at the door you pressed the door bell, and your date opened the door with a big smile. You could not believe your eyes, you thought it was an apparition, so you rubbed your eyes very well to make sure that you were seeing clearly. It was still your partner, asking you to come in for the dinner. What if it was you?

Monday, 2 January 2017

What If It Was You? #8

What If It Was You?

Imagine you have been in a relationship with your girl friend for five years. Her parents know you very well. In fact, they have already taken you as family, even though you have not proposed yet. However, your parents know the girl, but they do not like her that much. So they have made an arrangement, behind you, for a girl they will want you to marry. When you informed them about your plans to marry your girl friend, they disapproved it and threatened to disown you if you dare to disobey them. With that fear you broke up with her and married the arranged girl. It has been a year since you got married. One day you went to the zoo with your wife and friends. You have never seen a lion in your life, except on TV. You told your wife and friends that you would want to visit the lion enclosure, but they were more interested in seeing other animals than in seeing lions. So you went to see the lions alone. Surprisingly, at the lion enclosure the lion guard happened to be your ex-girl friend's father. He was happy to see you again. You did not expect him to be that happy, given the way you dumped his daughter. So you expressed your excitement too. At the lion enclosure there were prides of tamed lions. The lions were docile and tractable, so they were as harmless as a new born baby. But you did not know that. Then your ex's father decided to take you into the enclosure, but he did not tell you that the lions had all been tamed. He was telling you interesting stories that took your mind off any potential danger. It was just you and him in the enclosure. He took you to the inner section where you were able to see virtually all the lions. You enjoyed yourself seeing the lions. You both ended up in a cage that appeared to be empty. Then you informed him that you wanted to leave to check on your wife and thanked him for his help. So he excused himself to go and grab something before he would escort you out of the enclosure. In few seconds you saw two lions coming out of the inner part of the cage, which you did not know existed. You quickly ran to the door but it was shut, your lion guard had shut the door on his way out. Your movement attracted the lions to you. They roared and started heading towards your direction. You shouted your ex's father's name for help, he came out, and you thought help had come, but he stood there laughing at you. He knew the lions were harmless, he only wanted to torture you for what you did to her daughter. The lions were few inches away from you, you had already pissed on your pant, you were on your knees with your eyes closed, praying that the miracle that happened to Daniel in the lion's den would happen to you. What if it was you?

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