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Friday, 16 November 2012


This morning I was in one of my funny bones with avalanche of crazy thoughts running haphazardly in my mind. I remembered at this time of year five years ago, I was in solitude musing over a convoluted life of mine ranging from the hassle of result computation to the horrible challenges of job hunting. Leaving the four walls of the university dubbed "The Lions Den"  was like a mixed drink with much of rancid tastes. The night was drawing in and I found nothing more intriguing than to relax my soul at a somewhat tranquil corner at the back of 11:45 with a cold and fine appeasing drink. A real favourite of mine at the time was something I discovered not too long ago on one of my nocturnal outings with my partner in crime. That was Don Simon Vino Tinto. It seemed and tasted so different that I even spelled it a different way. It was my special favourite- probably because it had always left me limpid. The first time I had a taste of it there and then I loved the frank, subtle, smooth and stabilized flavour of a wine from the fermentation of the musts of different kind of grapes. Also as a student it was affordable too. To get a real treat and bring myself up to the high level I wanted to be I would consume large quantity of Vino Tinto and afterwards spend the rest of the night in a dream world full of fantasy of how I started off my career with a job of 250k per month. What an illusion!

I remembered also when I was a lad, I often turned to my mom for advice about household stuffs. Cooking was entirely an unusual matter. I had watched her and my grannies cook. They all cooked first-class and mouthwatering traditional food. I painstakingly learnt all the cookery lessons from them. As a growing lad I had wanted to be a tad bit adventurous in my cooking. As a grown man running my own home I have always been a good cook; tested and trusted. But in a foreign land, where there are not as many ingredients as there are back home, it's a different story. Having tried severally to get my stomach acclimate to the new foods I was faced with and it failed to bear with me, I decided to fall back on my cookery. That was when I tried to test-run my cooking skills in an adventurous way. Having a big situation at hand- to impress with my cookery a Caucasian lady I have admired ever since my two set on her- I tried to make a meal of that one in a million chance. Thanks to God I didn't bungle my cookery because if I had, my intentions would have gone up in smoke. Though I didn't have closely as many ingredients then as there are back home, but it was pleasurable to try the new stuffs that were handy. You really missed the meal!

I remembered the first English wedding I attended. I like women fashions. Some of them put smiles on my face when I am begging for a laughter. I think women have so many impractical fashions. One of such was the one I saw at the wedding. A middle age women putting on Hobble Skirt. I know that for some obvious reasons old school fashions are recycled and made trendy in present times, but I'm really horrified when I see how uncomfortable women feel for being fashion victims. The glamorous middle age woman was not only nipped in at the waist but also at the knees. It literally stopped her from doing anything un-womanly, for example walking fast or running. The appellation for the fashion style is befitting. At least the woman didn't bother about walking fast or running; the hobbling and shuffling were enough!

As corollary to the above, I remembered the legwarmers. Legwarmers are really helpful to women with legs like matchsticks. At least they can easily get away with them. Also legwarmers look fashionable on women who wear them, especially those with average sized legs. When I see them they often look like they are being held up by stripey tree trunks! The intriguing parts are the showy colours. I guess that's the whole idea about the legwarmer stuff. At least they are doing what they are produced to do- keep women's legs warm. But on a second thought (thought provokingly) if legwarmers are doing the job, what do women need hot pants for?!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thank you for mothering me Mother by Chuma Okonkwo


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


On this day, November 13, the world celebrates World Kindness Day. This initiative was introduced first by the World Kindness Movement at the World Kindness Movement conference which was held in 1998 at Tokyo, Japan. Ever since then this event has been observed in many countries, including the UK, Nigeria, UAE, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Australia, Italy, and India. This day was set out specifically to celebrate and promote kindness. The calling behind today's celebration is to inspire people in the direction of kindness and bring nations together to make a world of kindness. 

Louise Burfitt-Dons pioneered this event in the UK. Remarkably, in 2009 when World Kindness Day was celebrated in Singapore, about 45,000 flowers were distributed as gifts. Gulf News observed this event as "a day that encourages individuals to overlook boundaries, race and religion." 

Today, we are in deed encouraged to look beyond geographical boundaries, ethnic affiliations, religious backgrounds, racial attachments, and family lineages in our dealings with other people. We are advised to carry at all times a disposition that points at raising the value of kindness in our homes, churches, schools, offices and society as a whole, and increasing the amount of kindness that we show to others, hence, ingraining in our minds the spirit of kindness such that kind acts become the center stage in our daily life. Therefore, take a little moment for kindness and be compelled in the spirit of kindness to make someone carry out an act of kindness. Value today the worth of kindness by being kind to people, animals, and the environment around you. 

Though cats scare the heck out of me, I have chosen to be kind to them today. What about you? I have chosen also to be kind to every woman I come across today. Over past decades women all over the world women have been advocating for equality to men in all ramifications of life. Women want rights equal to their counterparts- men. Women want to partake in decision making processes that affect their future. Let's make kindness a bigger part of our daily lives.

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