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Saturday, 15 December 2012

I wish it happened on Xmas

In this cold wave I walked coldly in cold sweat.
Taking a brisk walk like we shared in the old times.
Where I was headed for, I couldn’t envisage.
But I was just walking hoping to catch a glimpse
of something that could be a muse

I came across a bridge; what seemed like a labyrinth for lost and found souls.
It was calm but very cold. It was still; the stillness seemed like a still alarm.
The sun was not out-of-town. It gleamed and its sheens were much appealing.
The tides were noticeable. They were out-of-the-way and seemed outpaced.

Though the tides were astronomical, the sea lochs on the far side of the waterway were impressive in what seemed like an assemblage of oak fern, chinquapin oak and deciduous trees and displayed a mirror image of the trees with a thin misty atmospheric effect up-swinging as the warmth descend on the wintry water.

Though I walked in cold sweat, I wished for a cold pack
to sooth my icily feelings created by your absence.
Then my wishes began to pop up.
I wish you were there with me.
I thought about what you could do with such sights.
I wish you were fleshly present in my heart.
I wish I could share with you this swift serenity
encompassed in a deeply impressive dignified quality
with our hands clamped as we briskly walk on Christmas day
I wish it happened on Christmas.

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