Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I woke up with this!

Before 2009, in Borno state, the groups we call Boko Haram today did not bear that name. Though they had their influence and displayed their excesses, governments at the federal and state did not question those excesses. In 2009, institutions of the government committed despicable atrocities against the groups, where some prominent members of the groups were summarily executed, and governments turned a blind eye. Even the globally cycled news about the atrocities could not make the governments act. Subsequently, the groups reared their ugly head, with a nomenclature that subtly defined their objectives, and today they hunt everybody like a ghost. 

Nigerian governments and their institutions created Boko Haram. Human rights institution that has the mandate to investigate and expose such atrocities did not act; perhaps it was constrained- people would always claim. 

Today, Boko Haram is not dealing with the governments alone, but also with the citizens. You may have received a share of their onslaught!

In Kaduna state, several Shiite Muslims have been summarily executed by the institutions of government. Similar to Boko Haram, the atrocities of these institutions are cycled in the news. Yet governments at the federal and state are turning a blind eye. Even the human rights institution is acting like a lame duck over such atrocities. The way the pendulum is swinging, it is not implausible that Boko Haram will soon have a new brother, this time emerging from Kaduna state. It does not have a name yet, who knows what it will be? Like the previous governments, these new governments are not trying to cut through the significant issues. Many families have seen how their loved ones were summarily executed and mass-buried. The way they see actions of the government is absolutely different from the way you see it. They wear the shoes; hence they know exactly where and how the shoes pinch. If you want to know ask a teenage boy or girl strapped with explosives on a mission to blow somewhere up. The wounds that have been inflicted are getting alive and well everyday. 

You political sycophants! When PDP was in power you had friends in top government positions. You glorified every actions and inactions of the PDP-led government. Today, PDP and your friends are gone, the new Sheriff- APC led-government- is in town, and you have new friends in high positions (again). Like a parrot, you are singing their despicable actions towards the Shiites Muslims as if they are some heavenly hymns. I am not surprised because you sycophants are like seagulls; you chase after a politician's bacon butty.
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