Friday, 9 October 2015

Why we humans are too judgemental

 Extracted from my recent article on The Scoop:

".............. After President Buhari was sworn in on May 29th, 2015, he had embarked on a divine search for his cabinet members. The popular expectation from the public was that he would appoint paragons into his cabinet. As Mr. President is domestically-acclaimed an anti-corruption czar, perhaps given his pedigree in public offices, the public expectation that his cabinet members, appointed from his divine search, would be heavenly anointed was not unconvincing. Unfortunately, some people’s expectations were marred when the ministerial (nominee) list was released by the Presidency. From the public vociferation, the four months (since his inauguration) it took Mr. President to come up with the ministerial (nominee) list was a total waste of time. The list did not contain the beau ideal of technocrats that most people had anticipated. It will suffice to summarize public’s interpretation of the list, as a spinoff."
"Interestingly, the public outcry over President Buhari’s list of proposed ministers has revealed (again) a chronic syndrome that is characteristic of human beings. We human beings are too judgmental. It seems like a mark of the beast in every human being to make statements that reflect their judgments about how someone or people should do things. It is our human nature to always desire to have things done or be the way we want them to be (done). As human beings, we are always dissatisfied."

.................. "As I shared my reflections with them (and now with you), I left them (now leaving you) to decide if they will continue to be judgmental. I know it seems like a mirage, but it requires consistent conditioning to conquer."
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