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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Oh Death!

Oh death!
Where is thy abode?
I want to pay you a visit!

You've caused me much pain
You make me cry all the time
Like a baby every now and then
You make every January
And every May
A month of sadness and sorrow

My father was a noble man
He toiled under the Sahara sun
The scorches were thick-skinned
To his succulent skin
Yet he endured the excruciating pains
To provide for us
You didn't let him reap those fruit trees

Akunne was my Rainbow
He molded me into many colours
He was every shade of my being
He was my best teacher; preacher
And best friend that will exist no more
He nurtured me into wisdom
Bequeathed me intelligence
Infested my mind with adages; idioms
That I became old before I was old
With my wise sayings

My father was my mentor
He indoctrinated me into Marxism
I sipped the juice of non-materialism
I became antithetical to bourgeois
He was a leftist; a liberalist
I inherited his revolutionary code of belief
But in a different way; a soft one
His world was different from mine!
He thought me Keynes principles
He baptised me with the Keynesian Bible
I became an advocate of Keynes School of Thought
But a lot has changed now!

My brother was my best poet
His word usages made me
Call for my dictionary more often than I appreciated
His writings were extraordinary
His messages were magical
Sometimes mysterious to an ordinary head
But re-assuring when unraveled
Though he lived shortly
With his magical ink
He spelt out his life in his poems

Buchi was a physicist in the making
Summa cum laude already awaited
But you the invisible hand
Snatched him away
He was my best gentle man
Brimmed with smiles at all times
Even when hurting

At 20 you felt he had served
His earthly purpose(s)
You took him away
Though his sojourn was mysterious
He wasn't a coward;
For those who thought otherwise
He fought the unseen forces;
Wrestled the unknown demons;
Challenged the underground;
And he once conquered them
But you Grim Reaper
Pulled up with your caravans
When he was a weakling

Oh Death!
Tell me your abode
Let me call on you.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


I've been hiding under my invincible shadows
Beclouded by emotions
From my copious failed relationships
My mind has been convulsive
Convoluted by conundrums
Defiling all possible answers.

I've been ensnared in this labyrinth
My mind racing like a roller coaster
I just can’t make a step
Without being held back
By the invisible hand
My goals; my dreams; my hopes
I've holed up should I call for them one day.

I don’t know what else to do
I let loose myself in music
No words; no ideas; no nothing
Just me and my thoughts alone
But my music is fading like quickies
No longer in that melodious way as it used to
It tastes now like an expired drug
Making every moment sulkier than the previous.

But I've tried to keep on the lights
Stopped to keep on at myself or anyone
For the complications I face
I need a brainwave
My soul is unbolted for your admonitions
Not for another junk
Or just for another reassurance
But for what my soul yearns for
A way into love.

Though the stars have turned down
My supplications; to shine for me
Though the sun always depart me
Without bringing a little bit of shine
Into my solitary abode
Though the answers I seek for have eluded me
I know you’re out there waiting for me
I don’t just see the tell-tale signs
I'm well convinced
You'll help me start again.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

As we commemorate World Mission Sunday

As a Roman Catholic I am reminded today of one of the important commemorations in catholic doctrine. Today the world joins Catholics worldwide in prayers and sacrifice to celebrate World Mission Sunday.

World Mission Sunday gives us the opportunity as Catholics to remind the faithful all over the world the great growth and needs, most importantly the fact that, by our Baptism, we are called to to be "missionaries of faith," hence supporting the work of the Church in our various parishes and dioceses.

I remember my days as an altar boy (I was motivated by my patron saint John Bosco to join the Altar Knights), I learnt that trio options are available for us to serve as Apostle of God. One is as an ordained, like the priests, the reverend sisters, or other ordained in the Catholic church. Two is by participation in the missionary work as non-ordained, like devoting your time to the missionary work to spread the gospel across the world. Third is by prayers. Praying for the previous duo who have committed their time to the missionary work of God, and this involves donating your resources to support God's missions.

Today we pray for the Church's missionary efforts, and as brethren united in the holy Catholic communion we give generously to the Society for propagation of the Faith we so much believe in. Let's affect positively today, the people, more importantly the vulnerable people, around us with the resources, no matter how little, we have been given freely by God. That will make a great difference!

I pray to Lord Jesus, in baptism he gave us a share in his mission; may we all joyfully proclaim his love to the ends of the earth; may we speak the truth at all times with courage; and may we through our love meet the needs of our people across the world. AMEN.

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