Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Daily Post NG: Chukwuma Okonkwo: 2015 in retrospect

DailyPost Nigeria

2015 In Retrospect 

No doubt, with the events that played out in the year, 2015 will have a special place in Nigeria’s history book. Sadly, the year that started with message of hope from the then ruling party (PDP), despite the difficult economic challenges, seems to be ending with message of doom from the (now) ruling party (APC), despite the wide-spread change mantra. Recently, the federal government has forewarned Nigerians that the in-coming year 2016 “is going to be tough,” hence government is going to make “tough decision.” It is not clear yet what the decisions are. But whatever the decisions are, it is my view that government should keep in mind that addressing security challenges and tackling ethnic differences in the country remain top priorities. Though the federal government appears to be making progress with the coalition force against the insurgents, however, the same impetus should be applied to addressing ethnic differences across the country. And this can be through policy dialogues." 

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