Sunday, 3 July 2016

Brexit: Lessons for Africa

"June 23, 2016 marks a watershed in the history of the United Kingdom (UK). On that day, the referendum on the UK’s European Union (EU) membership was held. The result shows that 52% of British voted to leave the EU and 48% voted to remain in the EU. The breakdown of the result across the UK shows that England and Wales voted strongly for Brexit – the word that represents leaving the EU – while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted for Bremain – the word that represents staying in the EU. The dust raised by the outcome of the referendum has not yet settled – the fallout panic from Brexit is still evident, with volatility in the global financial markets staring us in the face. The Economist Intelligence Unit has hinted that panic would continue as uncertainty that Brexit brings persists. Across the world the implications of Brexit have become topical and its ramifications cut across fields of study. Pundits around the world have expressed opinions with trumpeting calls to explore possible interventions in order to address the fallout panic from Brexit. This article examines what Brexit means for Africa, and argues that Africa stands to gain if African countries focus on the economic dimension of Africa’s regional integration. This will enable Africa negotiate better trade relations with the UK and the EU."

Full article was published on Premium Times. Click here to read.
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