Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fallen Apart, But Memories Live

Years gone by since we fell apart
Every sunrise awakes nostalgia
fraught with our checkered love episodes
where we blinded our love’s sights.
Every sunset beckons nightmares
where I battle with phantasmagoria
of our old love adventures.
Every day brings a clear picture
of faraway we are, and
irreconcilable nemeses we have become.

Like a landloper I wander love’s desert
Miles I travel in search of fellowship
Wheel of imagination rides me on a tide of sensation
The tedium of my hunt brings on déjà vu
I see you running in circles
Your feminine aura is still flamboyant
yet your aesthesia is flaccid.
Embers of broken love still burn in your heart
Your poverty of affection is copious
Under your peacock wings
my refuge dangles between the wind and the water
In your eyes I see my vision trickle
like dry leaves drift in harmattan.
When you speak, your tongue is as smooth as eggshell
yet it spits blood as befitted a war-party.
Your lips are as comforting as almond oil
yet your kisses pierce deeply like a sword.
When you smile, underneath your teeth lies
the pains you camouflage in your smiles
I see your heart in your words.

The ghost of lost love still follows me around
I take your memories with me wherever I go
Every night awakes a lonely-hearts feeling in my dream
I sleep with your memories in my heart.
Every day I live like a child deprived of mother’s love
I have become emaciated in spirit
But I will remain in this hopeful lane.

This poem was featured in Issue 2 of Heart & Mind Zine, February (Winter) 2016.
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