Wednesday, 25 March 2015

'Quiet Corruption' Is Silent, But Lethal

"As much as “big-time” corruption undermines the availability of financial resources for investments in infrastructure, “quiet corruption” has the same level of implication, but more damaging for the poor who are usually more susceptible and more dependent on public services and systems to satisfy their most basic needs. The effects of “quiet corruption” on societal expectation of public service delivery are progressively undesirable, hence leading to societal neglect of the systems in place."
"Any government that comes into power on 29th May needs to tailor policies that will tackle quiet corruption to Nigeria’s situations, with much attention to be given to priorities and responses that are prone to change depending on different conditions that exist in the country. Though tackling “big-time” corruption is necessary, fighting “quiet corruption” is satisfactory and critical if the new government, come May 29th, will make headway in reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic growth."
Read the full article on SKYTRENDNEWS.
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