Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Valentine’s Day Break Up with PMB

Dear President Buhari, 

I write on behalf of my fellow heartbroken Nigerians, both at home and abroad. 

Sir, when you came into our lives in 2015 with your pick up lines anchored on change, we, Nigerians, thought we had finally found the love of our life, the man specially made for us, and the man who will take care of the myriads of our problems. But little did we know that you were just like other men, our past presidents, who had broken our hearts in the past with their failed promises. You have succeeded in proving to us that change doesn’t always mean change. Nothing has really changed in the areas you promised us change. 

Sir, I want to inform you that we have broken up with you today, as the presidential election comes this Saturday. You told us that you belong to us and not to anybody. But you lied, didn’t you? You pontificate about fight against corruption, but your selective fight against corruption and your deliberate nepotism are inconsistent with what you promised us before we gave you all of our hearts. Your continued flagrant disregard to rule of law and abuse of the doctrine of separation of power, which are fundamental democratic principles, that we, Nigerians, vowed to uphold when we embraced democracy in 1999, has really become the last straw on our backs. 

Sir, please do not think that we haven’t noticed your perfumes in your campaign rallies across the country. As you climb every stage at the campaign rallies to outline yet another litany of promises, we smell your perfumes. They smell of bigotry, nepotism, insensitivity, corruption, dishonesty, and above all, incompetence. 

Sir, please do not think that we are unaware of your recalcitrant infidelity. Yes, we know that you had threesome behind our back with the Nigerian Police and WAEC. Isn’t that why you couldn’t penalise Mr Transmission-Transmission when he disobeyed your presidential instructions severally? Isn’t that why WAEC suddenly issued you that attestation letter? Yes, we know, also, that you have been sleeping with the EFCC. Isn’t that why the EFCC cannot prosecute those corrupt individuals around you and corrupt politicians who have decamped to your party, the APC? 

To be frank with you, we are tired of your continued lies masked as promises. We want someone who will respect us as Nigerians and listen to our views and act upon them. You have disrespected our hardworking youths by calling them lazy people. We want someone who will work hard to unite us as Nigerians. You have divided our dear country further than you met it in 2015. Every time you remind us that the region that gave you 5% votes in 2015 is less important to you than the regions that gave you 95% votes. 

What we want going further is someone who really cares about every Nigerian. Unfortunately, you have proven to us that you are not that someone. So, you will not have our votes this Saturday. We didn’t do this to you, rather you did it to us!


Chukwuma J. Okonkwo
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