Sunday, 5 June 2016

Intolerance vs Tolerance

Clearly, social media can be a blessing and a curse. It depends on how you exploit social media. Emotions are still running high over the killing of a Christian woman named Bridget at the Kofar Wambai market in Kano city. Reports say that Bridget was married to a pastor. In whatever way she was killed, it doesn't remove the fact that she was arbitrarily murdered, and any tolerant soul must condemn her killing!

The incident happened because of INTOLERANCE. Intolerance is the worst disease I have ever seen in my life. It continues to damage souls because people don't care about the cure. The views that are trending on social media are clear signs of how deep intolerance as a disease has damaged many minds. The comments will show you how carnivorous human minds have become. Nowadays the so called religious people adore revenge so much that revenge now tastes like the love of their lives. There is no regards for the court of law because justice has been murdered in the jungle!

The chords of intolerance have entangled many souls; hence the foundation of many religions shakes. In the presence of the so called religious leaders the surge of destruction to the fabrics of religion multiplies. No religion gives you the right to speak ill of another religion. No religion gives you the right to speak ill about God or Allah. No religion gives you the right to speak ill about Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed or any prophet. No religion empowers you to fight God's or Allah's battle. God or Allah fights his own battles. No Holy Book gives you the legitimacy to be the executor. The court of justice has the legitimacy to decide how someone who has blasphemed should be punished. It is certainly not your call. However, intolerance has forced human beings to play the role God or Allah and that of the court of justice. This is the real problem!

Certainly, I don't care about how you have twisted Mr President's call for religious tolerance. However, I do care about how intolerance has eaten deep into the fabrics of your soul. That I am a Christian doesn't give me the right to speak ill about a prophet I don't believe in. That you are a Muslim doesn't give you the right to speak ill about a prophet you don't believe in. That somebody speaks ill about a prophet we believe so much in doesn't give us the right to play God. We are temporarily here to obey God’s or Allah’s command. The Holy Books that we derive our faith from don’t command us to kill. They preach love and peace!

Religious intolerance is a global disease; hence Nigeria isn't the only country that is facing the challenges of religious intolerance. You can call for the entire Muslim world to denounce the killing but the call doesn't reduce the size of intolerance you breed in your soul. We have to cure our intolerance. The cure is the opposite - TOLERANCE. Religious intolerance will not end with the death of Bridget. It will continue to kill us until we say no to it! 

#JusticeForBridget #SayNoIntolerance #RespectForAllReligion #BeTolerant #StopHate!

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