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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What If It Was You? #9

What if it was you?
Imagine you have been cheating on your partner. Her feminine instinct tells her that you are cheating, so she tells you that she knows you are having an affair, but you always deny it. Then one day she sets on a journey to discover whether you are truly cheating on her. She created a (fake) Facebook account. She uploads pictures, at least once, every week. Her pictures are stunningly beautiful. You like beautiful women; that's your weakness. You think you are too smart that you can always cover your tracks. One day you received a friend request from a girl, but before you accepted you had gone through her profile. The pictures you saw had wow effects on you. She started by liking your pictures and commenting on your posts. She always liked every picture you uploaded and her comments were often kind. That seemed like a green light to you. And so did the conversation start. In a couple of days the conversation went from Facebook messaging to phone text messaging. You had spoken with her on the phone once within the first two weeks you started chatting with her. She never picked when you called, but she always returned your calls in a jiffy. Returning your calls allowed her the opportunity to give the phone to her friend to speak. And the calls barely lasted long. You never noticed anything odd. Speaking on the phone was not her preferred mode of communication. And that was good for you as well. Within a month the conversation had progressed to sexting. The sexting was raunchy. Then it was time to meet up because you could not hold the appetite any longer. But she wanted the meet up to be her own way. And that would be a dinner at your place. Meanwhile you had told her before that you were planning on breaking up with your partner. That was just your way of having access to a woman's inner sanctum. So you reminded her that having a dinner at your place would be a messy idea, especially when you were still hatching the break up plans. You provided an alternative which was to have the dinner at her place. She agreed and a day was set. She gave you her address. That was her friend's house. You did not know. On that day you told your partner the same story, as usual, why you would be back home late. Then it was time for the dinner. You went to the house, at the door you pressed the door bell, and your date opened the door with a big smile. You could not believe your eyes, you thought it was an apparition, so you rubbed your eyes very well to make sure that you were seeing clearly. It was still your partner, asking you to come in for the dinner. What if it was you?

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