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Monday, 2 January 2017

What If It Was You? #8

What If It Was You?

Imagine you have been in a relationship with your girl friend for five years. Her parents know you very well. In fact, they have already taken you as family, even though you have not proposed yet. However, your parents know the girl, but they do not like her that much. So they have made an arrangement, behind you, for a girl they will want you to marry. When you informed them about your plans to marry your girl friend, they disapproved it and threatened to disown you if you dare to disobey them. With that fear you broke up with her and married the arranged girl. It has been a year since you got married. One day you went to the zoo with your wife and friends. You have never seen a lion in your life, except on TV. You told your wife and friends that you would want to visit the lion enclosure, but they were more interested in seeing other animals than in seeing lions. So you went to see the lions alone. Surprisingly, at the lion enclosure the lion guard happened to be your ex-girl friend's father. He was happy to see you again. You did not expect him to be that happy, given the way you dumped his daughter. So you expressed your excitement too. At the lion enclosure there were prides of tamed lions. The lions were docile and tractable, so they were as harmless as a new born baby. But you did not know that. Then your ex's father decided to take you into the enclosure, but he did not tell you that the lions had all been tamed. He was telling you interesting stories that took your mind off any potential danger. It was just you and him in the enclosure. He took you to the inner section where you were able to see virtually all the lions. You enjoyed yourself seeing the lions. You both ended up in a cage that appeared to be empty. Then you informed him that you wanted to leave to check on your wife and thanked him for his help. So he excused himself to go and grab something before he would escort you out of the enclosure. In few seconds you saw two lions coming out of the inner part of the cage, which you did not know existed. You quickly ran to the door but it was shut, your lion guard had shut the door on his way out. Your movement attracted the lions to you. They roared and started heading towards your direction. You shouted your ex's father's name for help, he came out, and you thought help had come, but he stood there laughing at you. He knew the lions were harmless, he only wanted to torture you for what you did to her daughter. The lions were few inches away from you, you had already pissed on your pant, you were on your knees with your eyes closed, praying that the miracle that happened to Daniel in the lion's den would happen to you. What if it was you?

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