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Sunday, 1 January 2017

What If It Was You? #7

What If It Was You? #7
Imagine you have a girl friend. You always beat her up. Though you abuse her verbally and physically she is still with you, because she loves you so much. How stupid it sounds, right? Later on, you guys got married. But you did not stop to beat her. You made her a house wife, because you did not think there was any other job that befitted her, except the house wife job. One day her friend introduced her to taekwondo class and ensured that she got enrolled. You did not know about that. When you thought she was at home doing her house wife job she would be in taekwondo class. She had an agreement with the instructor to attend whenever she could squeeze out some time because she did not want you to know. She progressed from white belt all the way to red belt, aiming the black belt. Then one day, you got home late, as usual, you were drunk. She was already fast asleep, but you woke her up to make some food for you. She pretended she did not hear you. As usual, you started to hit her. This time she hit back, which somehow surprised you, but angered you more. So you decided to lock the room, because you were already drunk you did not know when you threw the key away. As you raised your hand to hit her again she seized your right hand with her left hand and gave you uppercut with her right hand. Lo! You fell on the floor, she was on top of you, now. In few seconds, you became her punching bag; what she used to be to you. Her punches were falling on you like waterfalls. In few minutes you saw yourself in hospital, with bandages around your neck and bruises on your face like someone who was exhumed from a dilapidated building. Meanwhile you had been in coma for hours. When you finally regained consciousness, you were told what happened to you and who left you in that state. It sounded like an apparition to you. While you were trying to come to terms with what happened to you, your wife came in with the announcement that she had finally got her black belt. You were faced with terms and conditions on how things would progress at home after your recovery. What if it was you?

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