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Saturday, 31 December 2016

What If It Was You? #6

What If It Was You
She is single and is willing to give dating a shot. But she has specs. One, she wants a guy whose height is not less than 175cm. Two, she wants a guy with a stable job and who earns more than she earns. She earns a fat salary. Three, she wants a guy who is not necessarily religious, but has the fear of God in him. She does not have preference for religion, as long as your religion recognises God. Four, she wants a guy who can be in charge and take care of things in the other room. Certainly, not a one minute guy. Five, she wants a guy who takes exercise as a top priority. She prefers a guy with six packs, but if the packs fall short of one she can manage the remaining five. Six, she wants a guy who is not stingy. Her kind of guy should not be worried about foreign exchange rate when they are on holiday. Then you met all the six specs, but one. Though you take exercise as a top priority, but you do not have six packs. You have been going to the gym and dieting for a long time, yet you have not acquired common two packs. She fits well into your own specs. You cannot beg your way into her arms. You just have to meet the specs, otherwise your dream girl becomes another man's honey-pie. You heard that you can manufacture six packs via cosmetic surgery. Money for the surgery is not a problem, but when you think about how much return on investment you can make with it, then it is somehow a problem. Another problem is that you are scared of any kind of surgery, it does not matter whether you are sedated. Each time you think about surgery you hallucinate about your funeral. You always think about what if something goes wrong. You love this life so much. And you really need that girl this year. What if it was you?

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