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Friday, 30 December 2016

What If It Was You? #5

What if it was you?
Imagine all your friends smoke weed, except you. You have never tried it and you have never felt the urge to try it. But whenever your friends are in the block smoking weed, you like to watch them. When they pass it on to you for a drag, you will take it, but you always hallucinate an image of yourself dancing naked in the market square. Out of fear you will pass it on to another mate without a drag. Then one day, you and your mates were gathered in the block. As usual they were smoking weed. The smoke from the weed was hitting your medulla so bad that you imagined yourself 'blazing'. That was the day you made up your mind to try it. Like the holy communion in the church, the weed was being passed on. It got to your turn, your mates thought it would be like the old times when you would take it, look at it, and then pass it on to another mate. They were wrong. You dragged it and you felt good afterwards. Few minutes later it was another round. You did not take the weed for another drag, you rather asked one of your mates "who was the pregnant woman that was standing in front of you?" The weed had started working in you, and it had become your boss, giving you orders. Then it asked you to laugh, you laughed; it asked you to jump, you jumped; it asked you to sit, you sat; it asked you to remove your shoes, you did; it asked you to remove your shirt and pant, you did; it asked you to run, as you were about to run your mates grabbed you. The next moment you saw yourself in the hospital. But you were lucky, otherwise the image you hallucinated about would have become a reality. What if it was you?

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