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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What If It Was You? #10

What if it was you?
Imagine you were sent on a free holiday trip in one of the famous tourist countries. It was a five-day holiday trip, all expenses paid. You were lodged in a five star hotel. When you got into your room, what attracted you the most was the bed. Then you convinced yourself that there was no way you would sleep on that bed alone. And so your fun started. The fridge in your room was filled with all kinds of expensive items, for example champaign, vodka, beer, snacks, name them. You remembered your previous experience in another country where you thought that the things in the fridge in your room were part of the complimentary services, so you started to use them until you got the huge bills that nearly gave you a heart attack. You did not want to have that experience again. In your mind, you said that "it is better to take precaution than to become a victim of had I known later." So throughout your stay in the room you did not bothered to open the fridge again. Like a fast-paced movie, your five days holiday trip went. On your last day at the hotel you decided to checkout early before the normal checkout cut off time. You left your luggage at the concierge and went to the mall for last minute shopping. On your way back to pick up your luggage and head to the airport you met the cleaner who usually cleaned your room. You guys engaged in a chit-chat. The guy told you that each time he cleaned your room he would open your fridge and he would see that everything was intact. He asked you why you never bothered to eat or drink the stuffs in the fridge, and told you how the guy that lodged in the room before you had given him stuffs because he could not use them all. It was then that you found out that those items that you saw in the fridge were actually part of your complimentary services from the hotel. It was the hotel's way of saying thank you to its customers during the festive period. You quickly rushed to the concierge to ask if you could go back to the room that you forgot something. That was just your trick to go back and grab as much stuffs as you could, particularly the expensive drinks. But the room had been occupied by someone else. What if it was you?

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