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Thursday, 5 January 2017

What If It Was You? #11

What if it was you?
Imagine you are a well-respected evangelist in your church. You are young and single, but you are still searching for your missing rib. Everybody in your church likes the way you evangelise. In fact, the biannual outreach program of your church is always a success because of you. The church has a new building. It needs a vibrant pastor, who can win souls for the Lord, to administer it. The church council decides to make you a pastor in that new church because you fit well into the description for the pastoral job. So the church council decides to send you on a pastoral training overseas for a couple of months. Upon your return you will become a pastor in the new church. All the arrangement has been made and you are leaving in few days. But there is this sister in your church that always appeals to you. Her smile always sends a frisson of excitement all over your body each time you speak to her. Her smile is like a charm on you. After the Sunday service the sister walks up to you for a chit-chat. She tells you that she is relocating abroad, as she has just got a permanent residence to a country. Coincidentally, she is relocating to the same country you will be attending your training, but she will be living in a different state. Her state is just a phone call away from the state you will be attending your training. Then the causerie suddenly became a full-blown conversation that moved from the church premises to a restaurant. You guys went for a Sunday lunch, and the conversation lasted for long. There was an instantaneous thought transference. You made an arrangement to touch base with her once you land. The next day she was gone for a new life, and few days later you were gone too for your pastoral training. And few days after you had settled in and started your training you touched base with her. Everything went like a fast-paced movie for her; she got a well-paid job, a well-furnished house and a nice car. It was a huge transformation in living standard for her. She often said that your prayers inspired her divine blessings. In a speed of light your pastoral training was over. You could not believe that it was already time for you to go back home. But there was a problem. You and the sister had eaten the forbidden fruit. The devil tempted you, but you could not resist the temptation, even though you tried to resist it. The wintry weather in that country somehow inspired the temptation to eat the carnal food. She had not seen her flower. So she went for a medical check-up. The medical test showed that she was pregnant. The variable to become a single mother was out of the equation. She was upfront about it; she wanted you to stay with her, get married and live forever. But how would you break the news to the church council that sent you on pastoral training? What if it was you?

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