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Friday, 6 January 2017

What If It Was You? #12

What if it was you?
"Life has been so unfair to me," you always say to yourself. You have been going through hell, nothing seems to be working out well for you. Hope is the only thing that you have. But that hope is fast becoming hopeless. Because of what you are going through you always think about committing suicide. But you are scared to walk through that path to death. When you think about its impact on your loved ones it shatters your heart. One day you have made up your mind to take that path, you cannot deal with the hardships anymore. You have lost your hope. Then you went into the forest. You have the rope, you have your gun in case the rope do not work, you have some poisonous dose in case the trigger fails when you pull it, you have a sharp knife in case the poison does not work as quickly as you want it, you even have explosives in case everything fails. You are well equipped with all kinds of materials that people have used before in that kind of journey. There you are at your perfect spot in the forest. It took you 30 minutes to get there. It is quiet the way you want it, the tranquillity fits well into your purpose, it is noise free more than a graveyard. So you decide to start with a gun because you think that the rope may take much time. Time is what you do not have. Then as you are ready to pull the trigger to shatter your brain you hear a noise; the sound of a bell tingling. The noise makes you uncomfortable. You did not expect any distraction. So you paused and then followed the sound. You saw a hut, you went in, you were amazed by what you saw. The hut is full of money in different currencies, stacked up to the ceiling. On the wall is a note that says, "you have 10 minutes to take whatever you want." In your mind you are thinking of rushing out to your house to bring your big travelling bag. But you cannot make it back in 10 minutes. You have a small bag that you came to the forest with. You went out to get it, at least you can stuff in enough cash that can change your life for good. Now you have the bag, you are so excited to pack the money. But there is an obstacle. There is a big cobra on the door, it appeared from no where. Nothing can stand in your way, not even a lion. Your time is ticking fast. As you rush to get your gun the cobra attacked you. It was a big bite. You shouted loudly, and suddenly you woke up. Then you realized that it was a frantic dream. What if it was you?

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