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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What If It Was You? #2

What If It Was You? #2

Imagine you were given a perfume as Christmas present. You opened the box and started using the perfume. You also threw the box away. You sprayed the perfume lavishly. Meanwhile you had no idea how much the cost was. Next day you went for (window) shopping, as usual, because it was Christmas season. Everyone you met on your way to the mall noticed the scent of your perfume. "You smell really good", they told you. Then at the mall, you saw the same perfume you were given as a gift. You asked the sale's man how much the cost of the perfume was, and he checked the price for you and showed you. It was AUS$365. For a second, you stood, looking dumb. Though you disliked maths, but you were solving calculations in your head about what you could do with that money if you sold the perfume. Reselling the perfume at the mall could be an option. But you have used it already and have thrown the box away. What if it was you?

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