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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What If It Was You (#1)

What If It Was You? 
Imagine you attended a social event. Condoms were distributed for free. You grabbed as much as you could, even though you had no idea when you would use them. You have no girl friend, but your mind told you that you could use them to flog the dolphin. From the event, you went to church for an evening service. During offertory you went to give your offering. But you left your bag on the seat. Then a little playful boy, who was let loose by his mum, in his "play-play" mood grabbed your bag and started playing with it. In the process he turned the bag upside down, you were on your way to your seat, you saw the boy with your bag, you rushed quickly to the boy, but before you got to him the packages were already out of the bag. Oh no! The condoms were scattered on the floor. What if it was you?

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