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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What If It Was You? #3

What if it was you?
Imagine a guy asked you out, but you said no. He did not take the no for an answer, so he tried again and again, but you insisted with a big no each time he tried. You even told him that he was not up to your level, so he should back off. All that was to make him leave you alone for good. Then one day you were invited to a birthday party. The dress code was all white. He was invited too, but you did not know. On that day, your dressing was posh, with every piece as stylish as that of a runway top model. All the way from your house people admired you. You walked into the venue with a face brimming with smiles. Then as you just sat down on your seat, he appeared, the guy that had asked you out severally, but you somehow had humiliated. He asked, in a low voice, if you had a minute that he would want to tell you something. But you were not willing to give him your ears. He insisted that it was really important that he spoke to you. You snapped a quick reply at him, "leave me alone, aargh." As you got up, angrily, to walk away, he held your hand and whispered in your ears, "I think your pant is stained with blood." You looked at your pant, you saw the blood stain, you looked at the seat you were sitting on, you saw the blood stain on the white linen that was used as seat cover. Your period had started unexpectedly the moment you stepped into the venue, but you did not notice, no one noticed, except the lover boy. You quickly rushed to the washroom. Now, almost everyone noticed the blood stain on your pant and on the seat, as you rushed out. In the washroom, you had no pads or tampons, it was just you and your abashed face in the mirror. What if it was you?

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