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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nigeria, today

Nigeria; a nation ensnared, today,

In economic muds of dystopia

Getting things right seems void- that would require a wizard

Emmanuel; the Messiah, we beseech in Moses’ lofty voice for salvation

Refuge from myriads of economic crises, we sing, as litany, like the cherubs

In our self-absorbed living, we’ve turned Nigeria into a bestialized rivalry-

Arena, where we draw Achilles sword against ourselves, for survival of the fittest

The elites feed on the political prebend served by the supreme power

Oil-price free-falls; a constant warning that Nigeria is dancing on a volcano

Dearth of substitutes to oil; a constant reminder of a weak edifice Nigeria is

Albeit government’s fantasies, the sense of revenue drive grows more desperate

Younger generations are now more gullible to rhetoric and less pronounced.


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