Friday, 18 April 2014

Boko Haram Killings And The Rest Of Us

"The social media went viral as a result of April 14 Nyanya-tragedy. Public discussions are still centered on the gory incident. More topical than the incident, is the huge, but impotent, judgment calls that have emanated from the public. Everyone is a jury on social media. 

Party affiliation can blur one’s sense of reasoning such that one begins to see nothing endorsable in anything that comes from the opposing party. This is a growing syndrome that is eating deep into the substance of Nigeria’s politics, with cataclysmic effect on the unity of the country. Never in history has politics of calumny made a mark in the sand of time, but only well-thought-out actions. There is no doubt that we lack strong security institutions suitable to avoid the kind of tragedies that are becoming common. These tragedies are not natural disasters. They are man-made; we created them."

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