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Monday, 10 February 2014

Excuses: Sweet Pills That Kill Motivation

Another of my inspirational piece has been published in the Nigerian Telegraph.

"Excuses are sweet pills that kill motivation................" 

"An English proverb says that “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Life would not be inspiring if everything was easy. If life was a bed of roses, then you would not learn to deal with your demons when they came. You would not learn to face your monsters if none had ever confronted you. Hardships are great teachers you will ever learn from. The bitterness of famine creates the state of abundance. Success is achieved from the work done. If you always had a smiley face you would not know the look of a frowned face. The rain brings the sunshine. There wouldn’t be any sunny day if there was no rainy day. You would not know what joy felt like if you did not go through those pains. So when life brings you rains and pains, you have got to paddle through the rains and mellow amid your pains because you know that the rains will bring sunshine that will dry up the tragedies of raindrops in your life and the pains will bring joy that will sterilize your sorrowful times. So stop living in self-pity and be responsible for your actions!"


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