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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cut the grass in your life and reveal the snakes

Life is like a grass. In life there are many snakes in human skin that hide under your grass. When you cut the grass in your life low, all the snakes hiding under the grass in your life will be exposed. They will have no hiding place but reveal their true colors. Letting the grass to grow tall will only help to conceal the snakes and provide them with a habitation. When the grass is blossomy green, you will not see their true colors. The snakes take over your grass at your expense. Cut them off the root and they will reveal themselves!

Every parasite needs a host to feed on. Your life is succulent, that’s why they (sycophants) stick around you. You are relevant to them until you run out of nutriment that attracts them. Their loyalty is transient; it has expiry date. Put their loyalty in check and their servile obedience ceases to exist. Sycophants terminate their loyalty when their true colors are revealed!

Life is all about choices. The choices you make in life determine your experience and vice versa. The card life deals you on the table is a reflection of your choices. If you turn over the card and you do not like the face of the card, you have got an option to put the card back into the pack and pick the card with the face that you like. Your life choices are too precious to be compromised. If you compromise, the value of the cards in your hands may not win you the pool!

Life is like a boat ride; not everyone is needed on the boat. You only need a limited number of people on the ride. The fewer the people on your boat are, the merrier and easier your ride becomes. But when your boat is filled with many people, it is most likely to sink. Your boat ride will end up a bummer!

Every life comes with a purpose. Every life has a bottom-line. Find your purpose in life (if you have not); and let your purpose guide your life choices. Define your bottom-line; and let your bottom-line inform your life choices.

I stepped into the new month with these thoughts. I hope they inspire you!

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