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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Are you not tired?

As my soul stirs to retire to its abode
I sight the sun dawdling into the dark
Paving the way for the moon to emerge
The night’s darkness beckons.
The sun faded like a shriveled flower
The moon gleaming like the lively roses
The stars flickering to the fullest
My eyes try to obey the sleep calling
But another sleepless night!

Reclined on a lounger, my eyes firmly shut
And my brain in a tabular rasa mode
With utterly nothing I was thinking about
Yet I felt like my brain was burning, as much energy
As when it was in an active form
It burnt more oxygen than my heart beat(s).

Network of my brain nerves connected to the hippocampus,
Where avalanche of memoirs were stockpiled,
Collated and weaved my memoirs into a narrative genre,
Linked with the thoughts about Africa’s gauged future
My brain turned into an energy-hungry thingamajig
Consuming chunk of every of my calorie intake.
My pathways engaged in multitudes of worriment
Synching unending divergent views about my Africa.

Africans, are you not tired of this intolerance; bigotry and extremism?
Are you not tired of seeing distinctiveness; indignation; minority
in the eyes of your fellow Africans each time you take a look?
Bloodsuckers, when will you satiate your bloodthirstiness?
Are you not tired of these crises and bloodshed?
Are you not tired of infesting Africa with wars
in the name of religious honour and loyalty?
Politicians, are you not fed up with your excuses and empty promises?
Are you not tired of seeing parents set aside
their children’s offer letters because they can’t pay school fees?
Are you not tired of plaguing Africa with poverty; hunger; diseases;
and backwardness with your insensitivity and kleptomania?
When will you feed to satiety with your aggrandized wealth
from looted public funds and communal resources?
Youths, shall we let our predecessors’ failures be paradigmatic of our future?
When shall we start taking responsibilities for our countries and continent?
Hush I’m really tired; are you tired too?
You can’t make a change unless you’re tired.

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