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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Reflection on today’s gospel 8

Today’s Feast of the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ dates back to the ancient Christianity. It is one of the oldest Christian feasts and has been celebrated inter alia. One striking thing about this feast is that it comes with a grand portrayal of Christ’s revelations to mankind, which is captured in the name Theophany- the revelation of God to man. Today marks the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Today’s feast as shown in today’s gospel is a revelation of God’s mystery blanketed in the tale of the three wise men. It is a mystery because we barely know about their real identity. We only know them, as we have been told, as Magi from the east. But a deeper careful thought on this mystery reveals that the Magi were not just ordinary wise men from the east; they were harbingers heralding God’s important message to Mankind through the guidance of the star; the message we are being told today- that Christ has come for everyone. This message grandly portrays the divinity of Christ to mankind, which was revealed in the three gifts the Magi presented to Christ- the gifts of gold, incense and myrrh. We have seen the message unraveled today that Christ is our Saviour in whom we seek our salvation.

But what is surprising is why Christ should come for everyone, even for the people who are not interested in him. It is all part of that unarguable truth that God is a universal God. He cares for everyone irrespective of your sex or sexual orientation, the colour of your skin or hair, your language or accent, and above all whoever you are. That is why God gives everyone equal opportunity to look for him, but what makes the difference is the effort we put in looking for him. As was revealed in the today’s gospel, a little effort would have made a difference in the lives of King Herold and his cohorts; that little effort would have changed their lives; and they would have seen the greatest King of peace and love. But they made the wrong choice!

This is a call for us to resurrect our eagerness to look for God and follow him. As was exemplified by the Magi- by leaving their comfort zones- we should emulate their courage and steadfastness. It does not come by a fluke, but rather it requires great efforts to be pleased about the enormous value of finding Christ. If you do not find him, you have found nothing in life!


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