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Saturday, 3 November 2012

GEJ's Progress Report

The purported achievements and transformations in the Agric. sector were quite eye-catching, but I really wonder if the Minister was talking about Nigeria or a kind of Asian country. No matter how glamorous he tries to paint the sector, we know already the truth. I was compelled to close the report by the purported transformations in the Aviation sector. What a brilliant way to tincture lies!

Read the GEJ's REPORT for your pleasure or whatever. We are making progress indeed, especially with no clear-cut highlights on job creation, industrial sustainability, etc! And the reported ended with luminous, but watery, statement: "I will continue to fight for jobs to be created through productive partnerships." Well done Mr President!


  1. and he argues further:
    • I will continue to fight, for your future, because I am
    one of you.
    • I will continue to fight, for improved medical care
    for all our citizens.
    • I will continue to fight for all citizens to have access
    to first class education.
    • I will continue to fight for electricity to be available
    to all our citizens.
    • I will continue to fight for an efficient and affordable
    public transport system for all our people.

    my question is, has any of these started?

  2. My brother, those are illusions of his "breath of fresh air" which he feeds up Nigerians everyday.


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