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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Free Forever

Life has been pictured
In so many different ways
In writings, movies, documentaries
None is still enough
To capture its perfect form.

Life is akin to the card game
You kick start
You're oblivious
Of the rules of the game
You make-do with the hands
You're dealt in the game
If you flout the game rules
To play for a purpose
You want to play
You've got to own up for it.

Life has a way of kicking us
In the balls one after the other
When you get the kicks
The memories amidst the pains
Repeatedly resound in your head
That you think
Everyday sucks deeper than the 'ex'
You submerge into sulkiness
And you lose consciousness.

But you can't hide
In your shadows eternal
Wallowing in defeatism
Sometimes self-talk
That's not the real-world
You don't let the kicks rub you
Of that 'unusual being' in you
That 'special sort' attached to you
You've got to face up to

Your personal demons
Embrace them and crush them
And you're free forever.


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