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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Life is just a “funny” place
You have to have the greatest “fun” of it
While you’re in it.

It moves at a snail’s pace
Tick-tack,tick-tack……..,tick-tack it goes
Tending to stop at any seconds.

To have that fun
It’s always a “struggle”
Like that of the “class”

You give in everything you’ve
You live as a masterpiece
B’cos u wanna be on top.

But when it buffers
You’ve two minds
One positive, the other negative.

You’re at cross roads
You must decide which to follow
Positive or negative???

Whether positive or negative
It matters not
The “place” of the “fun” matters most.

It’s a two sided place
One affluence, the other poverty
Both are “funny” places.

If you’ve had great fun on “one side”
The other is where you wanna be
Just in earnest.

It matters not how you got there
But how well you’re
Matters most.

You step on people
People step on you
It makes no difference at all!!!

© June 2009

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