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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I remember on this day so many years back
We went out: only you and I
The reason you chose me
I didn’t realize until now!

You were sipping your favorite brand: STAR
I was sipping my mineral: COKE
Though I was gazing anxiously at your glass
Wishing you would let me take a feel of it: ALCOHOL
You did: to sooth my thirst; I felt revived afterwards
It was a great time out, indeed
I didn’t realize until now!

Today you’re gone
We are left with memories of you
The belief that you live in us
And the hope to make you proud
11 years down; you’re still evergreen in my mind
I’m left in this small bed of mine
With my mind full of your pictures
It’s funny how I think you’ll come back
At least for the old times; another time out
How impossible it’s to turn back hand of a clock!
How impossible it’s to undo the deed!
How impossible it’s to return life once taken!
How impossible it’s to be alive again once dead!
I didn’t realize until now!

© 15.11.11

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