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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Skirts fly at will
Trousers move at a direction
Both have missions
And are attracted by each other.

When both meet at ‘twilight tale’
There’s always a ‘drama’
That goes with great passion.

‘Apples’ grow in ‘trees’
The ‘eyes’ behold the apple
With much eagerness to devour
But the apple is not willing to drop
Though ripe
For it has many admirers.

Looking at the apple with great passion
This apple I must pluck
I am stuck in the middle!

‘Spectators’ are many
All eyes are widened watching
All hands are widely opened waiting
For the apple to fall
In whose hands will it fall?

From being a spectator
I became a ‘player’
Now I’m in the game of passion.

As the game continues
So the passion whets
It’s a game one person must win
It’s all but a “drama of love.”

© June 2007

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